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Thinking About Quitting Real Estate?

Are you thinking about quitting real estate? It’s a valid question. At one point or another in this career you will ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Usually it’s after a few hard weeks with clients without any days or time “off” from your business.

Before you quit, here are some tips:

Take a full day “off.” That’s right. One full day. Yes, life will go on if you aren’t working on your real estate business. Let everyone know that you are “off,” and will get back to them the following day. Do something fun and turn off your electronic devices.

Set up some new systems. We all get bogged down with keeping track of contracts, escrows, inspections, follow-up, etc. Frustrated? Time to evaluate and change your processes.

Jump into Coaching. This is why Best Real Estate Life is set up monthly with no commitment. We can help you identify problems and solutions. You will be energized and focused after a month of coaching. We’re here for you when you’re ready to quit!

Check out our Coaching Plans to see how we can help you stay in the real estate game.

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