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Urban Legends In Real Estate, Part One: Who Opened The Door?

Over the years many seasoned practitioners start to believe "urban real estate legends." Reluctantly, I have been crusading as a sort of "myth buster" when teaching classes to other Realtors. Today’s myth, or, urban legend, pertains to a common misconception in real estate.

For the past year I have been an instructor for the National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics class. Inevitably, the concept of "procuring cause" comes up during the question and answer period.

The questions vary in content, but the answer to most queries boils down to this fact – There is no 'Threshold Rule' in real estate. Meaning, that if you opened the door and a buyer entered a property with you, but, later chooses to hire another Realtor to represent them in the purchase, you may or may not collect a fee for service.

Let that sink in. Email me, text me, call me with your tales from the road.

We specialize in helping you navigate the Realtor’s Code of Ethics as it pertains to your specific situation. Best Real Estate Life is now offering a series on "Urban Real Estate Legends." Want to bust the myths? Get in touch with us to schedule your 30 minute on boarding call to see if coaching could be right for you.

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