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3 Basic Safety Tips for Showing Houses to Strangers

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

We’ve all been “creeped out” by buyers.

One time I was in a model home alone when a man drove up with out-of-state license plates. He didn’t make eye contact and started asking odd questions. I grabbed the keys, told him I had an emergency and needed to close the model. Ushered him out, left the model and never saw him again.

Another time I had set up a meeting to meet a buyer at a house. He told me he would be driving a white truck. He showed up 40 minutes late on a bicycle with a backpack. I stayed between him and the door during the showing. He went to the basement and I stayed at the top of the stairs. From the basement he kept calling out, “hey, what’s this?” and “I think I see mold.” Well, there was no mold. I didn’t go down and he left, never to be heard from again.

Meeting random people in off-site locations is risky. Keep in mind the 3 Basic Safety Tips below.

Don’t Park in the driveway. Try to park on the street. Have the buyers park in the driveway. If you have to park in the driveway make sure you are not “blocked in” by the buyer. Have buyer park in driveway first. If possible, back into driveway so that you are facing the street. Keep your keys handy for a quick exit.

Don’t go into the basement. If you feel uncomfortable just stay at the top of the stairs. Use caution when showing outbuildings such as sheds and garages. Again, wait near the door when buyer is looking. Rule of thumb – Don’t let the buyer block any doorways or exits, put yourself in a physical position to exit before the buyer.

Lock up after the buyer completely walks away from door. Instruct the buyer to walk to the vehicle. Make sure they are headed away from the property and then lock door.

If you want more advice, check out my coaching programs for one-on-one coaching geared toward your questions and concerns.

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