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3 Simple Ways To Succeed As A Night Owl Realtor

Many real estate agents adhere to a strict regime that they believe will lead to success in this 24/7 career. Up at 4am, gym at 5am, start the day at 7am, you get the picture. For those of us that view 4am as the middle of the night, then getting out of a warm, cozy bed at that time to begin the day seems barbaric.

But, what about the Night Owl Realtors? What about real estate agents who go out to dinner, shows, movies, and events in the evening and don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn?

Feel confident that you can sleep in the next day and get ready to sail into the evening without yawning. If you like to start your day at a more reasonable hour, here are 3 simple ways to jump start your day:

Prepare for the next day. Send your “next day” emails in the evening. Email, text, leave voice mail messages after 6pm. Instead of worrying about all the tasks and items that are pending for the next day, and, worrying that you need to wake up early to get to all of them, start following up the night before. When the morning people wake they will check their devices and you will be hours ahead of them.

Don’t respond to the early risers. Use the Do Not Disturb function on your phone. This is crucial for early morning agents who text, email, and call starting at 7am. Just because they are up early, there is no reason for you to respond until you are ready. Keep a routine for yourself – get up, shower, eat, exercise, whatever and then start responding.

Tell everyone that you stay up late. Let everyone know what your “office hours” are for responding. Let others know that you arrive at your office at 9am, or 10am, whatever works for you, even if it is your home office. Not everyone is an early bird, and, you may start attracting clients that keep your same hours. For example, last evening I had calls at 8pm and 9pm with sellers and buyers who wanted to catch up with me. They will ask, “Is it too late to call?” and, you can respond, “No, not at all, I’m a Night Owl.”

If you tried waking up early only nod off during a movie, dinner, or after work event, then implement these 3 simple steps today!

Looking for more ways to live your best real estate life? Check out our coaching programs to see if we may be a good fit for you and your career goals.

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