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3 Ways To Disconnect From Real Estate Without Losing A Deal

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Are you tired of checking your emails? Wondering if you will have to respond to dozens of text messages while taking your dog out for a morning walk? Do you tend to snap at other agents when they call you to inquire about showing a vacant listing? If you answered yes, then it’s time to take a mini-vacation from your real estate obligations, here’s how:

Plan a quick walk, or just sit outside for 20 minutes. Don’t take your phone. Take off your FitBit or any other “tracking” device. It’s just you and the great outdoors. Listen to the birds, look at the colors of the leaves, the outline of the clouds. Block out all thoughts or “what to do next.” It takes some practice to totally shut-out intrusive thoughts, so, if you must, it’s okay to let Olivia Newton John’s 1975 hit song run through your head.

Go to the grocery store. Even if you don’t need anything, go, get out, walk around for 10 minutes. Pick up some fresh fruit for breakfast. Stop by the floral display and pick up a bunch of cut flowers. The cool temperatures in the fruit and vegetable section will refresh you. Leave your phone in the car.

Meet a friend for coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack. Set up time to meet your friends. It’s easy to make this a weekly habit. I usually meet friends on Wednesdays, typically a “slower” day in real estate. Talk about anything except real estate. Do not bring your phone or any business cards with you. Take off your name tag, Realtor pin, or logo-wear. Stop looking for opportunities to promote yourself and your business for about an hour. Enjoy your surroundings and conversation with your friend.

Many of our coaching clients report that these “mini-vacations” help get them through stressful days and weeks. Need more tips on how to de-stress while still crushing your career goals? Our coaching programs may just be the ticket. Contact us for more info.

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