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3 Ways to Jump Start Your New Real Estate Career

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Congratulations! You passed your state real estate exams and now you have a real estate license. After you interview local brokerages you settle in with the “one” that fits you best. Now what? If you’re new you are most likely overwhelmed and maybe floundering a bit. Here are three things you should do right away:

Send out an Announcement Letter. Let everyone know that you are now in real estate. Friends, family, past colleagues, etc. This has a dual purpose. First, you are sharing your excitement about your new real estate career. Second, you are going to use this list to start your database.

Start a Database. A what? What’s that? This is the most important aspect of your business. In other professions it is called a “book of business” or a “client list.” These are people you know, for now, and you need to find a system to keep track of their address, phone numbers, email addresses and the names of their dogs, cats and kids.

Organize your on-line Purchase and Sales and Buyer Contracts. You will spend quite a bit of time sending documents electronically through systems like Dotloop, Docusign, or Zipforms. Find out what your broker uses and dive right in. Set up Buyer and Seller templates, Disclosures, etc. Practice by sending documents to your friend or significant other.

Wondering how to set up these systems? Want to know what may work best for you in your particular situation? What should you be doing every day? Consider investing in coaching - my one-on-one coaching programs are personalized to your individual needs, and there is no long-term commitment! I know starting out can be difficult and you can be strapped for cash, that's why I make it easy to hop in and out of coaching as you need it.

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