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3 Ways to Simplify Your Real Estate Goals This Year

Do you have a love/hate relationship with goals? Have you taken time to look at your past year’s performance and use it to predict your success this year? Gather a list of your transactions for the last 12 months, then follow these 3 ways to simplify your goal-setting process:

1. Set Your Goals. How many closings or paid transactions? Divide that number by 12 for your average number of transactions per month. For example, 24 closed transactions divided by 12 results in 2 per month. Were you happy with your production? If not, then set a higher monthly goal. Remember, real estate sales are not easily trackable as far as numbers per month, this is just a guide. Some months you may have 4 transactions, some months, zero. Just stay on track for a final number for the year. If your goal is 6 closings for the 1st quarter and you have 5 in January then you are ahead for February and March.

2. Find Your People. What was the source of your clients? Again, using your list of transactions sort out your clients by “source.” For example, friend or relative? Referral from a past client? A past client who sold or bought again? Random stranger from the internet or website inquiry? If your ratios show more random strangers then continue with your ‘fishing” strategy to reel them in. On the other hand, if your clients were mostly referrals and past clients then focus on a campaign to keep in touch with them more often.

3. Plan Your Marketing. Don’t play catch up and start a marketing campaign when you are desperate for new business. Be proactive and set up your marketing plan for the year. If your plan is to close 24 transactions and your people are friends or relatives then plan to host a get-together or dessert party at the holidays. If you have a strong repeat and referral client base then strategize the best methods of reaching them, letters, note cards, personal calls? Set these up in your calendar or with your database management program. Most of us have a mix of clients so you may find that a combination of marketing activities will work for your business.

After you have your goals, people, and marketing plan in place assess your support systems to stay focused. Do you need a weekly coaching call to stay productive and on-task? Our coaching programs have options for bi-weekly or weekly calls to help keep you on track to reach your goals for the New Year!

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