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There “Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime (Real Estate Agent) Blues”

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

It's time to enjoy “summer nights, s’mores by the bonfire, floating in a lake or river, sand between your toes, backyard gatherings, front porch swinging” or, more like, “help, when will I ever stop working” if you are a real estate agent during the summer months.

Is your real estate career taking up more than 40 hours per week? Do you wish you could kick back on your front porch with a mason jar glass of lemonade complete with a paper straw and fruit garnish? Are you missing barbecues, wedding showers, and beach days?

As an active real estate agent like you I can confess that all month, like you, I run from appointment to appointment, showing to showing, and then spend the evenings catching up with emails and texts. Of course, this is the “busy” time in real estate, but, at what cost?

If you’re not living your Best Real Estate Life this summer, here are 3 tips to start living the life that you’re missing just in time for summertime living:

1. Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone. If you’re afraid that you’ll miss an important call then you can exclude your “favorites” from this time. Turn it on/off to give yourself a break when you’re at a beach party, barbecue, or on a long, peaceful walk. This is also a good feature for those pesky text messages that wake you up at 2:00 am.

2. Set up an “Auto Reply” on your email. I am not usually a big fan of these, but, during the summer it’s legit that you need some time to unwind. Let clients, co-workers, and customers know that you’re checking your messages on a regular basis and will get back to them as soon as you get back to your computer.

3. Stop for a Summer Snack. Carry a beach blanket, folding chair, and a cooler (complete with ice) in your vehicle. If you have to run around showing houses then at least have some fun. Stop at a convenience store for a bag of ice, throw it in your Yeti, Igloo, or Styrofoam cooler with some iced coffee, tea, or lemonade. In between appointments, or while you’re waiting for a client to show up at a house, enjoy a few minutes of easy living. On our team we’ve been known to stop for an ice cream cone on the way to appointments as a way to savor the summer.

Want more advice on how to rule your career instead of letting it rule your life? Check out our coaching programs to see if we might be a good fit for you and your goals!

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