Why Facebook Advice Gets A “Fail” For Helping Real Estate Agents

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

It’s 11pm, you just received an email from a client who wants to see a dozen houses tomorrow and all of the houses are out of their price range. Where do you turn? Who do you ask? Many agents turn to Facebook to pose their dilemma to hundreds of agents who have nothing better to do than troll Facebook groups.

You ask, “What do I do? My client just contacted me and wants to see a dozen houses that are not in his price range?” Get ready for the peanut gallery approach to real estate. Oh, yes, I am referring to the agents that respond with “bye, next, don’t waste your time” whenever you pose a real estate dilemma.

Well, geesh, who are these agents? Why are they so eager to have you “fire” a client or say something scripted and condescending to the public? Hopefully you are not following their lame advice. Break free from the habit of relying on other random agents to solve your real estate dilemmas.

Let’s get real this year. You have problems, dilemmas, and questions that pop up every day in your real estate practice. Instead of hopping on Facebook to ask the masses, consider these 3 ideas for getting answers to your issues.

Set up a network of trusted real estate agent friends. In your contact management system, have a category “Realtor Friends.” Fill this with your friends in the business. Friend them on Facebook. Cultivate these relationships much like you would a real estate prospect. Keep in touch. Send them your real estate and personal updates quarterly and ask them to send you their updates.

Stop asking for a coach to solve your problems. When you ask for “coaching” help on Facebook you will be bombarded by the agents that are coaches for large coaching companies. They are compensated for agents that they “sponsor.” Large coaching companies focus on increasing their volume. Also, you are encouraged to pay for “more” coaching and “more” services as you progress with their program. Production may increase, but your expenses also increase.

Look for a “fresh approach” to real estate problems. The same old lame responses from colleagues who may not even be in real estate in the next five years will make you irrelevant and obsolete in today’s real estate landscape. Position yourself as the real estate “expert” in your local area and set yourself apart from the Facebook real estate agent trolls.

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